Calendars, diaries, journals, and personal notes not prepared for your attorney may be obtained by an adverse party in litigation. However, such materials specifically prepared for your attorney’s use are protected from disclosure by the attorney-client privilege. In preparing for your meeting with Downey Law, it will be helpful for you to obtain and provide the following:

  • Information regarding those against whom you have claims – this information should include business names, addresses, telephone numbers, website addresses, employees’ names, et cetera.
  • Important dates – a list of significant dates when you first had contact with the person or business against whom you have a claim, and a journal or calendar of what you believe to be important events. This often is referred to as a “time line.”
  • Video or photographs of the damaged property or your injuries.
  • Medical records (in cases involving personal injury).
  • Contract documents (in cases involving construction claims or business disputes).
  • Warranty agreements.
  • All correspondence relating to your claim, including emails.